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We are hiring!

We are seeking an OTR who wants to join this nature-loving team as an independent contractor.

Click below for the hiring ad.

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​It's no secret...

Being in an open green space or blue space has healing and relaxing benefits. That’s why we conduct all our services outdoors. EXPLORE Pediatric Therapy is a nature-based occupational therapy private practice, trained and certified in the ConTiGO approach. Our mission is to help prevent childhood disease and alleviate diagnoses by using nature and the great outdoors as a tool to support development and mental health, while encouraging physical activity.


We understand that, as a parent, finding help for your child can be scary terrain to navigate, so let us guide you. Our goal is to help each child feel confident in themselves and foster a sense of
independence. We start by creating a connection to nature and a love of being physically active. Our holistic and play-based approach to therapy is family-oriented and includes teaching family members how to incorporate important therapeutic strategies at home.

Are you ready to EXPLORE your child's potential with us? 

Concerned about the negative impacts the pandemic has had on your child?

You are not alone. Over the past couple of years, children have had LESS opportunity to be kids.
Nor have they engaged in the meaningful social interactions necessary for healthy
development. This lack of social engagement has resulted in children who:
- Experience delays in motor skills, oculomotor abilities, social emotional health, or ability to
connect with peers
- Struggle with self-regulation or emotional control
- Are behind in school because remote or hybrid learning was insufficient
- Exhibit attention deficits or increased anxiety


Humans—especially children—are social creatures. Engaging with one another fosters healthy development related to mental and physical well-being, social skills, and happiness. And recent research shows that exploring nature and being with peers are the best methods to bridge the
developmental gaps that have occurred because of the pandemic.

These are some of the driving reasons EXPLORE Pediatric Therapy was born. We combine expert guidance with transformational sessions to unlock your child's full potential and promote a healthy
connection to self & nature.


"Your weekly notes and detailed documentation are exactly what we were hoping for! Thank you for giving us a clear roadmap to help create a supportive environment at home." - Parent Review

"We love the natural learning environment! This is what kid's need to be doing more of!" - Parent Review

"We are so happy to have found Kim and Explore Pediatric Therapy. Kim has provided a thorough, deeply thoughtful approach to helping us support our child. She is clearly very knowledgeable and is able to translate therapeutic insight into practical strategies." - Parent Review

Dr. Carla Hannaford, Ph.D says

“Nerve networks grow out of our unique sensory experiences, laying down intricate patterns that govern our higher level brain development. Experience determines the shape and intricacy of these patterns. They are laid down in accordance with the activities we experience and all of our environmental circumstances. THE RICHER OUR SENSORY ENVIRONMENT AND THE GREATER OUR FREEDOM TO EXPLORE IT, THE MORE INTRICATE WILL BE THE PATTERNS FOR LEARNING THOUGHT AND CREATIVITY."

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