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About EXPLORE Pediatric Therapy

Holistic. Client-Centered. FUN.


EXPLORE Pediatric Therapy is an outdoor pediatric occupational therapy practice that addresses social, emotional, motor and sensory challenges for children ages 4 months-10 years old 

Our nature-based therapy takes place in small groups. Maximum 6 children per group.  We are located in the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Here at EXPLORE, we care deeply about working with and helping children. 

Our GOAL is to help each child feel confident in themselves, to foster independence with daily occupations, and to find joy in meaningful activities. Plain and simple – we want to improve quality of life for children and their families.

We have a VISION to be part of disease prevention in the pediatric population. Creating a connection to nature, a love for being physically active, and a tool for mental health support, EXPLORE Pediatric Therapy wants to model life long healthy habits from a young age while supporting the family unit.  We place great emphasis on whole food nutrition!

All treatment approaches are evidence-based so you can feel confident in the quality of therapy you are receiving.  We are holistic in our approach. We are play-based. We are child-centered and family-oriented. EXPLORE Pediatric Therapy will assist family members in teaching them therapeutic strategies they need incorporate into their everyday lives. We want you, as the parent, to “EXPLORE your child’s potential” with us!

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