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How can Occupational Therapy support your child?

Your child’s life is made up of occupations, or everyday activities. These occupations include playing, learning, sleeping and resting, interacting with friends, getting dressed, and other daily activities. Many of us generally don’t think about a child’s daily occupations until he or she has challenges doing them. Everyone has occupations—from the toddler whose occupations are playing and learning, to the older child whose occupations are being a student and developing the skills to become more independent. Occupational therapy supports children of all ages—newborns to teenagers—by incorporating the occupations that are important to you and your child into the intervention process, whether it is at school, home, during rehabilitation, or at a medical facility (

Or in our case... IN NATURE, TOO!

Benefits of Outdoor Play

Nature is a natural play space for children

Wet Feet

Calmer Kids

•Nature sounds activate the auditory center of the brain, helping children to orient themselves to their place in space

•Spending time outdoors decreases anxiety, improves attention, and improves self-regulation

Happy Children Sledding in Snow

Stronger and More Coordinated Kids

•Active free play outdoors stimulates the senses and strengthens bones and muscles

•Weak bones are partially caused by lack of vitamin d from sunlight

•Children who play among trees, large rocks, and uneven terrain have better balance and agility  

  • Engaging in "risky" play benefits balance, strength and coordination 

Kids Playing Outside

Socially and Emotionally Stronger Kids

•Provides a stimulating mental challenge to think of imaginative and creative play schemes​

  • Building friendships through play

  • Peer play happens more naturally in an outdoor setting than in any other setting

•Fosters independence and improves interpersonal skills

•Children learn patience, perseverance, and resilience 

•Improved safety by having an increased awareness of abilities and risk taking

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