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Nature-Based Toddler Play Groups

Child-led, Specialist Designed

Our play groups are designed to support young children in their play skills, development and connection to the outdoors. We aim to provide guidance and educational nuggets to the caregiver so they can feel more confident in their parenting abilities during the ever-changing toddler years. 


These groups are ideal for a child who is already receiving early intervention services or has graduated from EI, is experiencing a developmental delay, requires additional small group peer engagement opportunities, has a speech/language delay or is experiencing social-emotional challenges. 

This group is appropriate for ages 20 months -4 years old. 

EXPLORE Pediatric Therapy offers outdoor Occupational Therapy year-round in addition to non-therapeutic outdoor experiences.  Beyond our group services we provide Occupational Therapy Evaluations, Consultations, Custom In-Home Therapy Programs, and site visits to schools and daycares.

Questions? Get in touch for a free 15-minute informational call! 732-778-1641

  • 8-week curriculum covering one specific area of development each week

  • Registrants will receive weekly handouts of information about the area of child development corresponding to our weekly curriculum and as it relates to the activities of the week. 

  • 60 minute groups

  • All of our groups take place outdoors, all year round!

  • Parents/caregivers must attend with their little one 

  • The end of each group (last 15 minutes) will be free-play so the children have an opportunity to work on their own decision making, problem solving skills & build sustained attention 

  • The activities we use mostly consist of nature-based materials, making carryover and application easier for families to do in their own backyard or in a park

  • We are passionate about showing caregivers that often times, simple is best for child development & still highly effective 

Our WHY: Spending immersed time in nature for young children helps with- 

  • sensory integration

  • self-regulation

  • improved communication/language development

  • fosters healthy relationships with caregivers

  • translates into better mental health outcomes as children get older

  • strengthens peer communication skills

  • Nature provides a unique environment to help strengthen motor skills, balance, coordination and confidence

  • reduces screen time


  • Monday - Norwell, Norris Reservation 10:00a-11:00a

  • Tuesday - Marshfield, Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary 10:00a-11:00a

  • Wednesday - Hingham, Weir River Farm 10:00a-11:00a

  • Thursday - Duxbury, Howland's Landing 9:30a-10:30a

COST: $250 per 8 week Round. Families are welcome to work with us all year long and are not limited to one enrollment per year 


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