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Kids Playing Tug of War

About Our OT Groups

We let kids be kids! 

Children still need a childhood full of dirt, puddles, sticks, and mud. Childhood is meant to be a messy adventure, with hours spent outdoors.


This generation of children spends less time outdoors than any other, and the negative impacts are astounding. Motor and speech delays, social-emotional difficulties and attention deficit disorders are all on the rise, but time outdoors is scientifically proven to help combat all of this and more!

That’s why our services take place outdoors where kids are immersed in nature.


Each OT group is led by an experienced, nationally board-certified occupational therapist. This ensures you are getting quality instruction paired with functional activities which act as a catalyst for creativity and skill building.


Instead of working in a “clinic space,” we work in blue and green spaces outdoors. Choose from the following programs for your child.

After School OT Groups

  • Led by board-certified occupational therapists 

  • Small group setting of 6 children with 2 OT's per group

  • 2 Age Groups to choose from:  5 years - 8 years old; OR  9 years - 12 years old

  • Weekly 90 minute groups running all school year long from September to June

  • Locations in Plymouth, Duxbury, Marshfield and Hingham

  • Time: 4:00pm - 5:30pm 

What do our OT services include beyond groups?​

  • Intake call
  • Review of intake paperwork and previous/current reports
  • Collaborative goal setting 
  • Custom monthly summaries to debrief your child's progress
  • Custom monthly parent coaching calls that coordinate with our summaries. These calls take place with your Occupational Therapist: ​​Dedicated calls where we can focus our attention on making sure all your questions or concerns are addressed. These can also be used to connect with a variety of people in your child’s life including, parents, teachers and/or other therapists.
  • Support Via Online Platform: Your own individualized, interactive landing place for all members of your child’s team to communicate and collaborate. Resources, photos, or videos unique to your child are uploaded every week so you can stay connected to how your child is progressing

Ready to get started?

Please follow this link to start the inquiry and registration process.

From there, we will schedule an intake call. 

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