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After School O.T. Groups

EXPLORE Pediatric Therapy offers outdoor Occupational Therapy year-round. We have after school therapy group options for children 5- 10 years old. Beyond our group services we provide Occupational Therapy Evaluations, Consultations, Custom In-Home Therapy Programs, and site visits to schools and daycares.

Questions? Call us for a free 15-minute Discovery Call! 732-778-1641

Start here to register.

Please follow this link to start the inquiry and registration process.

From there, we will schedule an intake call. 

What do our services include beyond groups?

  • intake call
  • review of intake paperwork and previous/current reports
  • collaborative goal setting 
  • custom weekly summaries to debrief your child's progress
  • Monthly parent coaching calls with your Occupational Therapist: ​​Dedicated calls where we can focus our attention on making sure all your questions or concerns are addressed. These can be used to connect with a variety of people in your child’s life including, parents, teachers and/or other therapists.
  • Support Via Online Platform: Your own individualized, interactive landing place for all members of your child’s team to communicate and collaborate. Resources, photos, or videos unique to your child are uploaded every week so you can stay connected to how your child is progressing

Why our approach is different

Taking therapy sessions outdoors provides a long list of benefits including calming the mind, challenging the body, and increasing motivation to work on new skills. We do this in a fun way – by digging in the mud, balancing on tree branches, problem solving to build a fort, and activities at home using our interactive online platform. 


Outdoor sessions are just one piece of the larger puzzle. Success hinges on empowering you as the parent with specific strategies to support your child in the big and small moments, and space to ask questions as they come up. 


We don’t offer one-size-fits-all approaches or unrealistic promises of magical one-hour a week sessions. What we offer is a comprehensive program of change for your child and family.

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